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Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete has long been popular in the commercial industry due to its proven durability and versatility. Because of this and its ability to beautifully add depth to a room, the concrete stain has found its way into residential design trends. With the option to use an acid-based stain or water-based acrylic, the results our Concrete Craft designers can achieve are almost limitless.


Whether you’re looking to renovate your current walkway or add a new concrete walkway to complement your home’s architecture and landscaping, stained concrete allows you to add character to your walkways, improve safety, and enhance curb appeal.


Protect your driveway’s surface with a driveway stain that will enhance its aesthetic and curb appeal, and improve its overall durability and performance.


Pools are a big selling point for any home, offering both form and function, but pool decks often are comprised of nothing more than gray slab concrete that is easy to slip on when wet. Improve your pool’s aesthetics and safety with a new stained concrete deck!

STAINE Concrete Floors

Stained concrete offers show-stopping floor finishes such as vibrant stain colors with rich, long-lasting, fade-resistant color in variegated or marbled effects, layering colors for impact, and adding borders and stenciled designs in intricate patterns and artistic details.

STAINED Concrete Patio

Staining a patio allows you to upgrade its overall look and feel, not to mention, it gives you an endless range of color and design possibilities to match your personal preferences.


Stained concrete is one of the most sustainable exterior and interior flooring options due to its durability and low maintenance. Concrete Craft can help design and beautifully enhance your living spaces with a custom concrete stained floor unique to your style. Unlike paint that produces a solid, opaque effect, our concrete stain products offer a luxurious richness like no other. Our concrete stains can mimic anything from polished marble to natural stone!

Our TruStain™ products are a unique line of water-based, non-acid polymer-bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface to produce vibrant, long-lasting UV-resistant stains that enhance any concrete surface.

Microtoppings are the ideal finish for renovating concrete surfaces and giving your surroundings a unique touch. With our resurfacing and coloring process you can create a mottled surface by varying its color and finish. Each application is unique, done by hand, by craftsmen. Concrete Craft’s special blend of cement and high-strength polymers create a smooth finish and distinctive look. Decorative effects can be created using stencils to create borders or corporate logos. The possibilities are endless.

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