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The Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park has been around for over 100 years. It was the 1st show cave in Texas and a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.

Take a guided tour of the Balcones Fault Line Cave, an earthquake-formed cave. Then, ride to the top of Tejas Observation Tower on the train. Experience the topsy-turvy world of the Anti-Gravity House. Read on for some ideas.

Balcones Fault Line Cave

Wonder World Cave is a dry cave that was formed along a fault line. It was discovered by Mark A. Bevers in 1916 and became the first commercially operated cave in Texas. The cave features ribbons of colors and textures, including fossilized tubes that formed in the cave’s ceiling. Its lowest portion is home to a man-made wishing well, and it connects to Ezell’s Cave, which is a home for the endangered Texas blind salamander.

Visitors to Wonder World can explore the nation’s only example of an earthquake-formed cave. They can also take a ride on the Stratavator and soak up an amazing view from the Tejas Observation Tower. The park also boasts a train ride through a wildlife petting zoo that features hens, exotic birds, and other domestic animals. Visitors can also dig for gems in a bucket of sand and marvel at the Topsy-Turvy World of the Antigravity House. There is also a gift shop and free picnic grounds.

Anti-Gravity House

The Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park is a one-of-a-kind Natural Theme Park that combines fun with geology. It features the nation’s only real earthquake cave and is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark. Guided tours take guests through the cave and its amazing formations. You’ll see fossilized prehistoric life encased in strata formations and huge boulders suspended in mid-air. You’ll also get to ride the Stratavator, a special elevator that showcases rock layers, and explore the Mystery House.

Then, head over to the Anti-Gravity House to discover a topsy-turvy world where things go up and water flows uphill! This unique attraction is sure to delight the whole family. The park also features a trackless train that takes you through the waterfalls of Mystery Mountain and a Texas Wildlife Petting Zoo where you can feed native and exotic animals. You’ll also want to make a stop at the gift shop for some knick-knacks and souvenirs. A great place to also visit is Skydive Spaceland.

Train Ride

The Train Ride at Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park is one of the top attractions for families visiting the park. The ride takes guests through the water tunnels of Mystery Mountain and onward to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park, where visitors can feed deer and other animals. Afterward, they can enjoy the topsy-turvy world of the Anti-Gravity House, where things that go up don’t always come down and water flows uphill!

The All in One ticket is the most popular option for visitors. This includes a guided tour of the cave, observation tower, anti-gravity house, and petting zoo. Guests should wear comfortable walking shoes for this experience as it will require some hiking over rocky terrain. Strollers are not allowed for the tour of the cave. The attraction also has a snack bar, gift shop, and free parking.

Texas Wildlife Petting Zoo

The Wonder World Cave is one of the largest natural attractions in Texas. It was discovered in 1893 by Mark Bevers, a cowboy and freight hauler. The cave became the first show cave in the state and is still open for guided tours. The natural dry cave features a variety of rock formations and fossils.

The cave is a must-see for history buffs and adventurers. Its unique geological features, like the Balcones Fault Line, make it one of the most interesting places to visit in the state. It also houses a number of other activities, including an anti-gravity house and a train ride.

The park has several ticket options, including the All-in-One Ticket which includes a tour of the cave and all other attractions. Those who prefer to explore the cave only can opt for a Cave Only ticket. Guests can also enjoy the wildlife petting zoo, which features a variety of animals such as rabbits, exotic birds, and hens. Check our next area of interest here.


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