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Epoxy is an economical way to upgrade your garage or showroom floor. It is durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant. It is also shock resistant and able to withstand impacts from tools, machinery, and vehicles. Click here for more info.

Chemicals like oil, brake fluid, and salt do not affect epoxy. They can be cleaned up easily with a broom or mop.

Easy to Clean

A good epoxy coating system is designed to withstand heavy traffic, foot, and vehicle use. However, despite being able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, these floors are still susceptible to stains and scratches. If you do notice a spot or stain, it’s recommended to scrub the floor gently with a scrubbing pad or brush without damaging the epoxy’s surface. You can also use mild soap to wash the surface, but avoid cleaners with citrus or vinegar. These solutions can build up on the floor and cause a slippery haze which is dangerous when it gets wet.

The best way to clean an epoxy garage floor is with warm or hot water and mild soap. This will get rid of dirt and grime and prevent the need for abrasive chemicals that can damage or peel the epoxy coating. A quick sweep and mop will also keep the floors looking like new.

Stain Resistant

Epoxy flooring protects the concrete from stains, chips, and cracks. A solid epoxy floor coating is much more durable than paint and can withstand the abrasion of tools, vehicles, and other household items that can damage bare concrete. It’s also resistant to chemicals, including motor oil, gasoline, bleach, acids, and other common household cleaners. It’s even available in tinting and texturing options to make your garage floors look more like showroom flooring than plain concrete slabs.

Moreover, epoxy is moisture-resistant and acts as a concrete sealer. This makes it an excellent option for those living in wintery climates that experience snow and road salts that damage bare concrete. This seamless surface also repels dirt and dust, making it easier to clean up messes with a simple mop or broom. The anti-dusting property of this garage floor epoxy also helps you save on energy costs by allowing more natural light into your garage. This will allow you to work more efficiently in a brighter environment.

Shock Resistant

A high-quality epoxy floor coating can transform a drab piece of concrete into a modern and sleek flooring material. It comes in a variety of color choices, and the style of broadcast flake chosen can make a big difference in how the finished product looks. Different types of flakes are available in different sizes that can create modern, traditional or even metallic finishes.

Epoxy floor coating also has shock-resistant qualities that protect the surface from dents and other damage caused by heavy machinery or sharp objects. This durability is perfect for a garage that stores cars, which often leak fluids and other corrosive chemicals on the floor.

Additionally, the sheen of an epoxy floor makes it much easier to see in large garage spaces and rooms. This can help prevent accidents that could occur if individuals are not aware of potential hazards in the space. Some epoxies can be mixed with anti-slip additives to improve safety as well.

Chemical Resistant

Unlike regular floor paint, epoxy coatings are a solid and thick layer that protects the concrete underneath it. They’re also highly resistant to impact damage. So, metal-wheeled tool boxes and floor jacks (if you use your garage as a workshop) don’t chip or otherwise damage an epoxy flooring surface.

Additionally, chemical-resistant epoxy floor coatings resist motor oil, gasoline, bleach, cleaners, and acids – making them ideal for the workshop. This means spills are easily wiped up without wearing the coating away.

The appearance of an epoxy floor is largely determined by the style and color of the broadcast flake that’s chosen. Smaller flakes tend to look modern and contemporary in a color mix, while larger flakes give the floor a rich, classic appearance. Either type can look beautiful with a clear topcoat, which locks in the colored flakes and provides additional wear and stain resistance. The clear coat is also anti-dusting. This makes cleaning the floor much easier than a bare concrete garage. Next article.

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